Goa Lawah – Bat Cave

Location: East Bali, near Padangbai
By car from Ubud: 2 hours
Historical dating: 11 century

Goa Lawah has received its name because of the thousands of small bats that cling in dense masses to the walls and the mouth of the cave.
The temple was founded by a priest called Empu Kuturan in the 11th century. By the 17th century, it became a place of worship by the King of Klungkung.
Goa Lawah is one of the six royal temples on Bali. The cave of Goa Lawah is considered by local people to be the hiding place of one of the two snakes of the underworld. They also say that there is a secret underground tunnel between the temple of Besakih (the center of the upper world) and Goa Lawah, the center of the underworld.


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