Kerta Gosa, Klungkung

Location: in Klungkung, Semarapura
By car from Ubud: 1,5 hours
Historical dating: AD 1686

Kerta Gosa is the Hall of Justice, in the centre of the town of Semarapura, Klungkung. It is a part of the former Semarapura Palace, home to the highest ruler of Bali. The ceilings of two pavilions in Kerta Gosa are richly decorated with traditional-style paintings made by artists from the nearby village of Kamasan. It is the largest display of Kamasan-style paintings, showing well over a hundred images, illustrating numerous stories from the Hindu epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Kerta Gosa is build in 1686 by the first king of Klungkung, I Dewa Agung Jambe.
During Dutch colonization (1908-1942), Kertha Gosa remains to be wearied as a justice place for lawbreaker, especially criminal. Along with colonial governance, the punish system in Indonesia has changed from system of death duties Majapahit (traditional) become the continental punish system which is brought by Dutch.
Kerta Gosa consist of two major Buildings (Bale), whis is Bale Kerta Gosa and Bale Kambang. Named Kambang (kambang=float), because this building surrounded by a pool whis is Taman Gili.


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