Lovina area, places of interest

Lovina by car from Ubud: about 3 hours

1) Lovina Beach: Lovina beach is a black chromatic sand beach with 12 km stretch of coastline.
It is a peaceful beach where the tourist love to stay and also appointed as a departure point of dolphin watching tour.

2) Banjar Hot Spring: Banjar Hot Spring is a nature hot water from the ground that is suitable for healing of skin desease due to water contain sulfur. The are plenty of traditional shower with the warm pools where every visitor can enjoy bathing. It is located 1.5 km from Banjar.

3) Dolphin Viewing : The best time to see the dolphins is at sunrise. You can hire a boatman on Lovina beach for your chance to see hundreds of dolphins having their morning feed of prawns or tuna. Mostly the dolphins around Lovina belong to the spinner dolphin family.

4) The Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist Temple ( website). Located in Banjar

5) Royal Palace of Singaraja: The Royal Palace of Singaraja, often referred to as the Puri Agung or Puri Gede, was built by Raja Ki Gusti Anglurah Pandji Sakti on March 30th, 1604. This became the beginning of the Kingdom of Buleleng.
The Puri Agung, which has been restored several times, is now open to public who are interested in the history of Buleleng – North Bali. Visitors can see a number of pictures of Raja (Kings) of Buleleng in the old house where the Raja and his family used to live. At the south east of the back yard you can see the royal shrine (Merajan Puri).

6) Gitgit Waterfall: It is about nine kilometres from Singaraja towards the south. The waterfall is sixty metres high and as the water falls, it looks like white clouds falling down the mountain one after another.

7) Chinese temple in Singaraja: in the old town of Singaraja, close by the Buleleng port. This Klenteng is considered to be an old and sacred Klenteng, it was built in 1873. From prasasti or old manuscripts that are found on Tao Kong Co Tan Hu Cin statue and there is lettering of Ling Yuen Kong written in Chinese that proves this temple was built in the 12th Thoing Ce year from the Dynasty of Ching (Man Ching).

8) Old city of Singaraja: remains of dutch warehouses. At the harbour.

Chinese temple Singaraja

Chinese temple Singaraja

Gitgit waterfall

Lovina Beach

Old dutch ware-houses in old city Singaraja

Puri Gde Singaraja

Puri Gde Singaraja

Brahma Vihara in Banjar

Brahma Vihara in Banjar


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