Location: at Batur lake
By car from Ubud: 1,5 hours

Trunyan, or Terunyan (pop. 600), is located on the eastern shores of Lake Batur, just on the foot of the Mount Abang, Kintamani district of Bangli regency. Trunyan village is believed to be found during 882-914 AD (referring to the founding of a temple to Batara Da Tonta), inhabited by descendants of the native Balinese – the Bali Aga. As a tourist object, Trunyan is surely the best-known Bali Aga village, but becoming notorious as a place not to visit after all in the same time.
Trunyan, due to its isolated position and the secretive nature is a people, has retained its pre-Hindu animist customs and a tradition of primitive ritual and ceremony unique in Bali.
The inhabitants call themselves the ‘Bali Aga’ or ‘Original Balinese’. Here the dead are not cremated, but simply laid out in a ravine not far from the village of the mercy of nature and the elements.
The strange phenomenon is that there is no odour from the dead bodies. The villagers attribute this to the scent of the perfumed ‘menyan’ tree from which Trunyan takes its name – Taru menyan.





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